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About Australiafacts and numbers
Australia Name: 
Commonwealth of Australia
7,682,300 sq km
it is the 6th largest country in the World
People:  94% European, 4% Asian, 1.5% Aboriginal
Languages:  English, Aboriginal languages, many European and Asian languages
Religion:  75% Christian, 1% Muslim, 1% Buddhist, .5% Jewish, 20% people have no religion
Highest point:  Mt.Kosciusko 2230 m
Lowest point:  Lake Eyre -16 m
Longest river:  Murray-Darling 3780 km
Distances:  from east to west 4.000km
from north to south 3.200km
coastline 36.735km
Time Zones:  In Australia are 3 time zones:
Eastern Standard Time = UTC +10 hours
Central Time = UTC + 9.5 hours
Western Time = UTC + 8 hours
Voltage:  220-240V, very strange plugs and sockets
Weights and measures:  metric system
Currency:  Australian dollar = 100 cents
Important address: 
Australian Embassy in Austria  Australian Embassy Office
Mattiellistrasse 2, 1040 Vienna
Austria / ÷sterreich
telefon: 0043 1 5128580
Imigration Office  Immigration Office
81 Railway Street, Rockdale
NSW 2216, Australia
Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney  Consulate General of the Czech Republic
169 Military Rd.
Dover Heights
Sydney N.S.W. 2030
tel.: 00612-3718877, 3710860
fax: 00612-3719635
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